Let’s Connect

Family, work, school, activities, and more, we all have a lot on our plates. However, the role of the school board member is essential and not one I take lightly. As a parent or guardian in the district, a staff member, or a community member or staff member, if you have questions about me, my experience, and why I am running for the school board, reach out and let’s schedule some time to connect. I would love to know what you think is crucial for me to know about our district and community.

Contact me with your questions and concerns. You can send an email or schedule a time to talk on the phone or via video conference or even ask me to come to your upcoming meeting.

School boards are the link between public schools and the communities they serve. As elected officials and members of their communities, school board directors are in a unique position to create change and lead by example through:
• Creating a shared vision and helping the district community understand the set goals for improving student achievement
• Creating the conditions and helping direct the district’s limited resources for accelerating school improvement
• Holding the school system accountable to high and equitable achievement for each and every student while helping the school community understand what this looks like
• Communicating the immediate and long-term needs and reporting the progress of students to the community, elected officials, and key partners
• Raising public will to improve outcomes for all students and helping the district succeed in reaching student achievement goals